Friday, 16 January 2015

1. It is Saturday, supposed to be a weekend, but I am at my office!!!

2. I hate working on a weekend, arrgghhhhhh!!!!!!!

3. Nevermind that. Just want to share my leg training yesterday. Due to limited time, I only have 1 hour for my leg training. So everything needs to be short but precise ( am I using the correct words?)

16 January 2015 Friday - Leg Training

As usual.. Warm Up hehe

Pull Up 10 reps 3 times
Dip 10 reps 3 times

30kg 15 reps
40kg 12 reps
50kg 12 reps
60kg 10 reps

Front Squad
30kg 15 reps
40kg 12 reps
50kg 10 reps

( started to feel pain somewhere at back. Bad posture perhaps. Need to stop.)

Wide Open Squad
40kg 12 reps
50kg 10 reps
60kg 8 reps

(the pain at my back are getting more... realistic??? haha .. stop now)

Leg Extension
32kg 15 reps
41kg 12 reps
50kg 10 reps
63kg 10 reps
68kg 9 reps

Leg Curl
36kg 15 reps
45kg 12 reps
55kg 11 reps
64kg 8 reps
(Can't go any further haha)

Ok. That's it. It is best to do cardio before we start but since I got only 1 hour, have to skip that part.

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