Friday, 16 January 2015

My Gym Training

1. I started my gym since 2008.

2. Trained by my friend, every Monday to Friday.

3. Just a gym rakyat at Bandar Tun Razak. It was next to Badminton Stadium, which is also nearby the DBKL swimming pool.

4. 99% of the gym dudes over there are friendly. Feel like family.

5. Somehow, it is hard to maintain discipline due to outstations and some stupid working environment in my office which in turns, affect my mood. I hate that!!!.

6. Suddenly the gym was closed due to fire. Hahahahahah.

7. And I joined Fitness First at Menara MBF.. then Celebrity Fitness Wangsa Walk then Muscular Gym at Rampai Business Court.

8. Well, enough of my introductions to my gym history. Just want to share my training. I do weight lifting almost every day. Well, not really every day since our muscle needs to rest. But never keep track of my training regime.

9. On Monday 13, 2015 I trained my chest and triceps.

10. Off on Tuesday.

11. On Wednesday 15,2015, I trained my Back Muscle.

Warm Up
Pull Up 10 times (3 sets)
Dip 10 times (3 sets)

30kg 15 reps
50kg 12 reps
70kg 6 reps
80kg 5 reps

Low Row (Hammer Machine)
40kg 12 reps
60kg 12reps
80kg 10reps
90kg 10 reps

Back Row (Hammer Machine)
70kg   12 reps
100kg 10 reps
130kg 10 reps
160kg 10 reps

Biceps Curl 12 reps 12kg ( can't really remember. Forgot to write it down)

Honestly, I can't really go any further since i lift too heavy. I never did this before. Probably after one of my dear friend in Kuantan said, " I do deadlift 50kg each side... total 100kg. 15kg each side, total 30kg  merely are warm up to me". And I said to him, "what????? damn you Zaim". And yet he's complaining about his backache hahahha.. padan mukerr.. wakakakakaka.

12. On Thursday 16, 2015, I trained my shoulder

Warm Up
Pull Up 10 times (3 sets)
Dip        12 times (3 sets)

Hammer Machine (front Shoulder)
20kg 20 reps
30kg 15 reps
50kg 12 reps
70kg 8 reps (almost failed at 7)

Hammer Machine (Behind the neck)
20kg 18 reps
30kg 15 reps
50kg 8 reps

(failed to do 4 sets. I am so weak at this part)

Upright Barbell Row
20kg 12 reps 3 times

Barbell Row Smith machine - backward (not really sure the name of this training)
30kg 15 reps
50kg 12 reps
60kg 12 reps
70kg 10 reps

Low Pulley Raise
11.5kg (each side) 10 reps 3 times


Cable Crunch
30 reps 5 times (keep increasing the weight)

13. There is one exercise which lack from my routine, CARDIO. Need to do cardio exercise after my weight training.

14. Ok, it is already 5pm and I need to head home :)...

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