Friday, 16 January 2015

tak tahu nak letak tajuk ape.....

1. Oh dear, it is already 2015!!!!!

2. The last updated 2nd August 2015. the worst part is.. I forgot my own blog names haha.

3. Since 2nd August until now, a lot.. a lot of things happened, around me and definitely on me.. of course.. the bad the worst .. and some of the good things.

4. I have been to Jogjakarta (should I upload it?) on February 2014. I booked the air ticket since July 2013. Air Asia of course.. I am not that filthy rich person for MAS haha...

5. the trip went well except that I can't really enjoy Borobudur. 90% of that Candi were closed due to ashes from last eruptions of Mount Merapi... arrgghhhhhhh!!!!!!!

6. same case with Candi Prambanan...

7. But, I had a good journey to Solo.. enjoying Candi Sukuh... apart from the superb view and outstanding scenario I still enjoyed A FULL BAR 3G SERVICE  from local TELCO in Indonesia.

8. I never set a goal for every new year.. except on 2008. In 2008, i have set a target to acquire a new home for my family and.. thank GOD I have made it somewhere in August 2008... (again.. August..what's with the August???)

9. Well for 2015, I have made up my mind. I want to loose my belly fat, stay fit and muscular. Pretty tough since I have accumulated all the unwanted fat in my so called body haha.

I will share some of my weight lifting training. Just to keep track and monitoring... until then.. I will enjoy my life to the fullest!!!!

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